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Our History

Forwarding your mail with care since 2012

Opened in 2003, MyRVmail, the mail service provider for Good Sam Mail Service had a vision for a better mail forwarding experience. One of our founding principles: to keep costs low and quality up was true in 2003 and it remains true 20 years later in 2023. Having customers at the forefront of our minds while investing heavily in process improvements and advanced technology is the only way we have been able to offer an unparalleled mail forwarding experience while keeping costs that are under our control more or less constant over the years. What started as a small mail forwarding business has grown into a business jam packed with efficiency improvements and technological advancements.

In 2017, backed into a corner by more mailboxes than we've ever seen before, we made a bold decision to open a brand new, state-of-the-art mail facility to add capacity and service the growing demand for mail forwarding services. Staying true to the RV community who helped propel us forward, we of course built an RV circle drive that goes around our building.We're excited for our future and we know we wouldn't exist without our customers so that's why we'll never stop listening and never stop improving our service.